Dirección General: Jesús Rivera Zúñiga

Legalización de “chocolates”, bueno para la gente

Por Jesús Rivera

Reynosa, Tamaulipas. En una primera impresión, los comerciantes e importadores de autos usados de la frontera consideran que el nuevo decreto para legalizar, registrar o regularizar los autos “chocolates” es una buena medida para la población.

A pesar de que este tipo de vehículos pueden ser utilizados por delincuentes para cometer delitos, la gran mayoría de ellos constituyen instrumentos de trabajo para millones de empleados a lo largo de la frontera, tanto de la maquila como de otras actividades productivas.

Un vehículo forma parte del patrimonio familiar, y es imprescindible para realizar las más importantes tareas: Ir al trabajo, llevar a los hijos a la escuela, ir a surtir el mandado, salir de vacaciones, etc.

Un vehículo nuevo, definitivamente, está fuera del alcance de la mayoría de los habitantes de este país.

A diferencia de los de fábrica, un auto usado, o como en el caso de los “chocolates”, de procedencia americana, se pagan en una sola exhibición, con precios que van de los diez mil a los 150 mil pesos, de acuerdo con las condiciones y modelo.

Por el contrario, para adquirir un vehículo americano es necesario dar un enganche que ordinariamente supera los 50 mil pesos, mensualidades de entre 4,500 y 10 mil pesos, durante cinco años y anualidades similares al enganche.

A final de cuentas, un auto nuevo que cuesta 180 mil pesos, tiene un costo final de cerca del millón, ya con los intereses y los impuestos aplicados.

Para Hugo Jofre Chávez, el decreto beneficiará a millones de personas a lo largo de la frontera, aunque no precisamente a las empresas importadoras, puesto que muchos de esas unidades han pasado o seguirán pasando de manera ilegal a territorio mexicano.

Mencionó que esperarán en los próximos días para conocer el contenido completo del documento que firmó ayer el Presidente de la República para emitir una opinión al respecto.


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For more than ten years now he has been living in sons-in-law with his wife Anna, two small children, and old father-in-law and mother-in-law. Previously, in order to earn a slice of bread, a man was forced to work abroad to earn money. But he was already very fed up with wandering in a foreign land, so the newly-made friend now basically sits at home, earning money, where and as soon as he has to in the regional center, or the surrounding villages. I was soon able to see clearly about who and how my friend was living. Andrei, benevolent and sincere in his nature, did not hesitate for a long time, and after a month of our friendship he invited me to visit him. His eldest daughter was supposed to celebrate her name day in a few days, so my friend did not come up with anything more original than to introduce me to his family at this family celebration. Of course I tried, it was to refuse this invitation. But my friend was persistent enough, so I had no choice but to agree in the end. On the next Sunday, I found myself with a gift under my arm for the birthday girl in a friend’s house, where, among other household members and guests of the festive fun, I also met Andrei’s wife Anna. I confess frankly, at first the woman did not make any too noticeable impression on me. She was short, slender, and unfemininely stubby. She had a masculine structure of the face, simple and at the same time effective. Such an inverted triangle. A sharp chin that turned into a strong jaw. The corners of the lips are bent upwards. Then came the pointed tip of a straight Roman nose, steep cheekbones, brown eyes with a feline cut and at the end a dark peak of curly hair on a high forehead. In communication, Anna, unlike her talkative man, turned out to be not too talkative. During the whole celebration, I did not hear a dozen phrases from her. The woman greeted the newly arrived guests with affectionate smiles, deftly brought plates with delicious dishes from the kitchen, sat silently at the table, listening to the conversations that took place between us. And when she said something, she did it with a pleasant melodic pronunciation, somewhat similar to the purring of a small kitten. For some reason, this soft timbre of a woman’s voice is firmly seated in my memory. He arbitrarily settled in the mind of a corrosive worm to remind of himself from time to time with strange anxiety and incomprehensible excitement. Under their influence, I began involuntarily to think of Anna more and more often. Imagination obsessively painted her image. And each such memory caused a previously unknown irritating, pinching pain in the heart. Confused and puzzled, I racked my brains for a long time over the cause of such mental confusion. Until a friend again invited me to his house. This time my friend needed my help. Andrey, like any kind owner, had a large area of ​​clover, which he did not have time to mow in time. Therefore, a friend asked me to come and help him. I, of course, gladly answered my agreement. Half a day kosovitsa flew by like an instant. The dawn coolness, the ringing whistle of a steel blade, the aroma of freshly cut grass intertwined into a single bundle of incredible impressions, which can only be appreciated by those who were born and raised in the village. The thorny dew on bare feet, the vigorous morning sun and pleasant muscle fatigue only complemented this unique picture. When most of the work had already been done, and it was hot enough, Andrei threw the scythe over his shoulder and said to me: – Enough for today. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow myself. And now we return to the village, time for lunch. At home, at Andrey’s, a generous and delicious dinner was already waiting for us. At the table, besides the two of us, Anna also sat down. As befits, after hard exhausting work, the owner pulled out a magarych, a bottle of strong moonshine. We drank one shot, then another, and another.Each time I uttered florid toasts to such a hardworking owner, skillful hostess, and their wealthy household. A friend answered my wordy wishes with thanks, and his wife blushed noticeably. However, either under the influence of my eloquence, or thanks to the alcohol I had drunk, the woman became much more talkative. She began to talk to us at ease, laugh cheerfully from my anecdotes and sayings, bah, at the end of dinner, she even asked me a few questions of a rather personal nature. I happily answered them, feeling like I was drunk with restless excitement and unrestrained excitement. I returned home with the firm conviction that I still feel something for my friend’s wife. It is not difficult to guess what this feeling was. I was a young, temperamental and hot guy, she was a young and still pretty pretty woman. Hence the hurricane of fiery emotions, a whirlwind of uncontrollable desires, a storm of ambiguous dreams and passionate fantasies that flashed in my soul with such a burning heat that I lost my peace for a long time. During long sleepless nights I thought about Anna. I remembered every smile, every gesture, every word slowly spoken. I tortured myself with images of a woman’s face, so simple and at the same time incredibly desirable, her thin cherry lips and piercing sparkling eyes. I tortured my mind with forbidden dreams, unresolved fantasies, unworthy thoughts. In my dreams and in reality, I wanted to take possession of someone else’s wife in no way, despite all the possible and impossible consequences of this sinful desire. During the day, at work, he carefully sorted out from Andrei everything that could only be learned about his betrothed. He was interested in women’s tastes, tastes, hobbies. He unobtrusively asked about everything that there was little at least some incidental attitude towards Anna. And he was also looking for the smallest opportunity to visit his friend again, and at least once again see his wife. I naively hoped that, having met her, I would be able to calm down my own lust and put things in order in my head. Obviously, these hopes were in vain. Soon Andrei asked me for the second time to help him with the housework. I willingly agreed, went to see a friend in the village, and saw Anna. But of course this trip did not bring me any relief. Just as the next few casual dates with the woman did not help. The demon of passion, at heart, was not so easy to calm down. He demanded his sacrifice in the least, despite the faint protests of the remnants of common sense, male decency and ordinary human dignity. Apparently, over time, this carnal lust, in the end, itself would have subsided if I were absolutely sure that I would never wait for reciprocity from a woman. However, unfortunately, I just did not have such absolute confidence. Not that Anna gave any reason to consider her an unfaithful wife. Just the opposite. To all my refined compliments and barely hidden courtship, she always responded with only a sweet smile. However, the sparkling playful glint in the woman’s eyes, when she secretly glanced in my direction, betrayed her head over heels. He allowed me to hope for success, in the event of a decisive and persistent attack on the impregnable fortress of Anna’s female virtues. He gave me the hope that the forbidden fruit might still fall into my hands. Soon there was a wonderful opportunity for such a desperate assault. Andrey again needed my help. This time, a friend had to bring and pick up a clover that we both mowed. I gladly agreed, because I had a presentiment that something unusual was about to happen that day. Intuition, as always, did not let me down. Although at first nothing foreshadowed something special. For almost half a day we raked the clover into swaths, then stacked them into stacks, and finally loaded them onto a trailer. When the hay was already at the friend’s yard, it turned out that he still needed to be stacked under a high wooden shed. I took on this work as a more experienced one.Andrei, with his strong long arms, stayed downstairs to feed me the hay upstairs. In his work, he was so agile and nimble that I soon asked for help. And unexpected help soon appeared in the form of Anna. The woman went up to the hayloft to continue folding the clover with me. I looked at her and was literally taken aback by what I saw. In a short green skirt and a thin pink T-shirt, she looked simply unbeatable. With her hair tied in a tight ponytail, tanned bare feet and a household pitchfork in her hands, Anna at that moment seemed to me extremely seductive and seductive. Stunned, I could not utter a word for a long time. And in order to calm down at least a little bit the agitated blood that was seething with hot lava in my veins, I went to work diligently. And he did it with such zeal that the pitchfork in my hands could not stand it and soon broke. I had to make a short pause in the stacking, Andrey went downstairs to repair my instrument, and I stayed upstairs with his wife to rest a little. When my friend’s footsteps subsided, I finally dared to look at Anna. She stood a step away from me. She was hot and sweaty from exhausting work. The woman’s tight breasts heaved heavily under the thin fabric of the T-shirt, from ragged breathing. A lock of hair stuck to my forehead. The eyes were down, as if they were afraid to meet my gaze. Thin eyelashes trembled barely noticeably, either from fatigue, or for some other reason. Unable to struggle with my excited nature any longer, I came close to the woman. He grabbed her by the waist, held her tightly to him, brazenly joined his lips to hers. Anna began clumsily to resist, recoiling her head back. However, she did it, most likely, instinctively than consciously. Without that fanatical determination that is so inherent in women who do not even allow accidental touching a stranger’s man, not to mention a hot kiss. Encouraged by such a double-digit behavior of the woman, I literally covered her face with a shower of hot kisses. Persistently looking for female lips. And, having found them, he dug with such passion, which he was only capable of. And under the influence of this endlessly passionate kiss, Anna somehow imperceptibly sagged in my arms. The woman stopped resisting, allowing me to gently squeeze her to me. My tongue boldly broke through the obstacle of her lips, entered her mouth and finally reached the tongue. Our tongues have joined, intertwined, as if two snails. At the same time, my palms began to shamelessly explore all the seductive charms of the female body. One hand nimbly slipped under Anna’s thin T-shirt and began to gently caress the woman’s back and shoulders. The second – resolutely went down, quickly climbed under the skirt and for a moment greedily grabbed the lush female buttocks. My friend’s wife was even taken aback by my insolence. Tearing away from my lips, she whispered softly: – Volodya, what are you doing? “I want you,” I answered honestly. “You can’t do that,” she said, as if defensively. – I am a married woman and do not want to cheat on my husband. “I don’t care,” I snapped shortly. Grabbing the woman in an armful, I throw her into the hay and fall on top of her myself. Anna begins to desperately resist, not realizing that with her clumsy movements she only provokes me. With one sharp movement, I turn her over onto her stomach. Then, crushing the woman under me, without any particular difficulty, I unbutton the bra clasps and release Anna from this element with my wife’s clothes. Pulling up your skirt and pulling tiny silk panties down to your knees is also not a big problem. Anna makes an attempt to scream for help, and I, holding her mouth with my palm, feverishly whisper: – Keep quiet, you fool, otherwise your husband will hear, and then you will not be ashamed. You yourself know what will be said about you later in the village. You will not be justified in life. I guess from bated breath that she understood me. Life in the village is a peculiar thing. It has its own rules, laws, customs and superstitions. They are especially strict with regard to young married women.Undoubtedly, most of the villagers will definitely decide that Anna voluntarily gave herself up to me, and all the stories about rape are her inept inventions. Therefore, the woman has no choice but to beg me for mercy. – Don’t, Volodya … I beg you, don’t do this … Stop immediately … I don’t want to … It hurts … Let go, dear … But all these lamentations from Anna only excited me even more. Not paying any attention to them, I begin to rape her without any twinge. With my knee I push the tightly squeezed female thighs apart, quickly release my hard worker from my pants and stick it into Anna’s crack. She shudders, and I note with pleasure that, apparently, Andrei is a frequent visitor here. My stake slides into her hole easily and without hindrance. Entering the woman, I command her imperiously: – Spread your legs wider. Anna reluctantly obeys my order, and as a sign of reward for obedience, I gently kiss her neck. The woman shudders, and to cheer her up I quietly advise: – Relax and try to have fun. And she seems to have listened to my words. The woman stopped resisting, motionless under me. Anna’s such submissiveness agitated my excited lust even more. She pushed me to take full advantage of my position. And I do it with great pleasure. First, I take comfort in plump female breasts. Clutching them in my palms, with rapture I amuse myself with the tenderness of silky skin, the seductive elasticity of these huge hemispheres and the hardness of large sharp nipples. Then my hand slowly slides down. I caress a plump female tummy with incredible pleasure. Then I sink even lower and slowly feel Anna’s intimate slit with my fingers. It is surprisingly large and wet. The thick combs of the labia are hospitably ajar. They tremble and tremble at the touch. Anna’s clitoris looks even more defiant. He is a real hero who just ask for my hands. And I dare not deceive his hopes. Grasping this tubercle with two fingers, I begin to intensively massage it. Anna screams softly. Either from humiliation, or from pleasure. But I don’t care. My stallion has already stagnated in the stalls of the female vagina. He is ready for a decisive assault and I gladly let him frolic in these fertile places. Several slow movements back and forth, then a powerful blow to the full length, and again several smooth jolts back and forth. And then in the same rhythm until the woman’s body begins to instinctively respond to my actions. At first they ate noticeably, and then more and more distinctly Anna demonstrates that she likes to be raped. Anna is submissive and obedient in my arms. She readily pushes her ass out, allowing me to penetrate deeper and deeper into her body. Her hot vagina pulsates and vibrates feverishly with all the pranks of my iron Felix. Her buttocks are damp with sweat, and her breasts heave convulsively with agitated sighs. She’s all like a volcano ready to explode at any moment. It is clear that, to the best of my ability, I try to bring this moment closer. And he comes soon. The raped woman begins to whirl under me excitedly. A languid scream escapes her lips. Anna’s whole body trembles as if in a fever. And it gives me inspiration to speed up my robot. Like a woodpecker, I gouge and gouge her burning bosom. My palms gnaw at her breasts mercilessly. My fingers roughly pinch her labia and vigorously rub her swollen clitoris. My teeth bite her delicate neck, and my lips whisper various vulgarities. I try to do my best to comprehend the bliss of orgasm myself, and to please Anna. I finish violently and for a long time. Having driven my penis into the female vagina up to the balls, I gladly emit into it the entire supply of sperm that I have accumulated lately. I fill this voluptuous vessel to the brim with my hot liquid. Anna screeches beneath me like a chopped pig.Probably, a woman is used to expressing her sexual admiration in this way. And maybe it hurts a little, because my apparatus sold out in earnest. However, in less than a few seconds, Anna’s orgasm was added to my orgasm. The woman shrinks like a spring, and then lets out a scream that makes me feel like it’s in my ears. She will stand and beat in my arms until Andrei returns with the repaired pitchfork. Hearing her husband’s voice, Anna breaks out from under me, instantly pulls up her panties and rushes to fold the hay again. In the twilight, evening, her face burns with burning shame. I have no choice but to follow her example. At that moment I felt very badly, like a little boy who did harm in someone else’s garden, and who was almost caught by a stern neighbor with rods in his hands. After this spicy incident, Anna and I never saw each other again. For several days at work, an unfortunate incident happened to me. Loading the sofa, I stumbled and fell. The result of my awkwardness was sadness. As if in punishment for a sin I had committed, I broke my leg and was bedridden for more than a month. When he more or less recovered, it became known that the company he worked for had gone bankrupt. To continue earning a hunk of bread, I had to go abroad to work. There, in a foreign land, I managed to recover somewhat and more or less calm down my unbridled passion. However, I have not forgotten about Anna. From time to time I remember her and our sinful love in the hayloft. I hope the woman does not take offense at me for what I did to her so unworthily. I hope one day she will at least try to understand the reasons that prompted me to rape her, and the circumstances through which I was forced to break off a juicy relationship, which fortunately did not go beyond the framework of one intimate liberty. The forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. Yes, even from those Ancient Times, for its seductive taste, you certainly have to pay with something. And the main thing is to stop in a timely manner so that this payback is not too big and expensive for us. Stop so that later you will not be ashamed of yourself and your actions in front of all those who are important to us. Even when you are seduced by such an exciting and passionate incident that I had with Anna … .

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